Discover r12: not just a school but a professionals community

Discover r12, the community of professionals in the electronic music sector: music producers, musicians, dj producers, technicians and highly professional music business figures. It is the meeting and exchange point for issues in the cultural, professional and technical fields. In particular, the main activity of r12 is the training of complete professional figures. For this reason the teachers are the direct connection between the school and the working realities. The school run by "Scuole Italiane", a company operating in the professional education sector, collaborates with the most important companies in the sector to offer its students the possibility of entering the world of work. In fact r12 is not a traditional school for sound technicians: instead it is a school designed for the figures of the current professional world. Thus training is properly balanced between academic and professional method; leads to complete work management, demonstrating superior knowledge at every level: practical, technical-theoretical and cultural. In fact, the r12 teaching system, consisting of lessons with communicating and integrated subjects, is vertical and allows a direct connection between the school itself and professional realities. So the gratification and the atmosphere that you live in its spaces is vital, motivating. Job opportunities are innumerable. So if you have dreams to fulfill, if you want to be protagonists of the working world of the new millennium, it's important to have culture and knowledge of the trade for the right direction. r12 has daily relationships with the professional world. r12 trains professionals . This is why his (per) courses are complete and are the result of years of work experience. Hardware, software, practice and theory useful for setting goals and goals, business projects, infinite aspects of marketing and communication.

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Discover r12: The Mission

Develop innovative education programs that enable students to obtain training that is always in step with market needs, constantly striving to improve students' teaching experience and support students in achieving the maximum results their potential can express. Create strategic partnerships with leading representatives of the creative sector and maintain strong internal connections through the recruitment and retention of talented personnel with extensive experience in the field. Support the widening of the goals of participation and global creativity by welcoming a wide range of students and strengthening our open, dynamic and pioneering academic community. Increase awareness and advance our mission and objectives by involving the music industry, local and national consultations and policy makers.

Discover r12: the Didactic Method and the tools

  • Learning by doing with classrooms and equipment available to students even outside class hours
  • Study plan built around the student's needs, modularity
  • Professional update
  • Extra-school tutoring
  • Contacts with the didactic director and the teaching body
  • Cutting-edge equipment thinking of the professional of the future
  • Links to the professional world
  • Meetings with professionals and in-depth masterclasses
  • Post course student assistance: artistic tutoring service


    Discover r12, the community of professionals and the school designed for the figures of today's professional world. Training is rightly balanced between academic and professional methods, teaching to manage work in a complete way, demonstrating superior knowledge at every level: practical, technical-theoretical and cultural.

      r12 communicates every day with the professional world. In fact, the school relies on synergy with A-DJ , the association that professionally represents Italian DJs is registered with the international educational collective of AFEM , Association of Electronic Music coordinated by Ben Turner , manager of Richie Hawtin, promotes PEEM a trade association, manages OMNE an online magazine of international music. It has partnerships with the most important brands (with certified courses). In addition, each year it strengthens its communication, with important partnerships and many other initiatives, cultivating relationships with national and international companies, including SONAR, ADE.

    Furthermore, periodic workshops and thematic masterclasses with international teachers and guests open to all students and alumni, complete the training plan, and constitute a unique, stimulating and profitable experience of its kind.

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