These courses are structured to convey to the student all the knowledge and skills necessary to be a modern DJ, giving ample space to the inherent subjects, be they technical / manual or theoretical / cultural.

  The objective is to create in the student a new "forma mentis" to transform his way of listening, judging, organizing, buying and creating music from that of a simple enthusiast to that of a professional DJ. It addresses the multiple technologies available today in a continuous alternation of theoretical phases and practical phases that allow you to acquire and immediately verify every single notion.
Thanks to the support of Denon DJ and Native Instruments the students of r12 have at their disposal an incredible number of machines composed of the first series: sc5000 prime media players, x1800 prime digital mixers, vl12 prime turntables. learning the art of djing is a great way to start working in the music world, creating playlists and playlists designed for your audience.

Master Program

Available only in the r12 Milan office

Certificate / Complete courses

Available in all r12 locations
The Certified Courses are held at the r12 office in Milan and at the r12 points of Perugia, Brescia and Forlì


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