Music Business

Master Program

Master Program Music Business – Overview

duration: 9 months

frequency: twice a week

The r12 master program in Music Business allows you to get to know all aspects related to discography, focusing on roles and areas such as A&R, promotion and managing. To learn more about the music industry and its business, to better manage artistic and entrepreneurial projects in a sector full of ideas and in full expansion, here are the notions on all the skills in this regard. The master allows you to understand the optimization of every type of flow, from the music itself and to those who produce it, select it and distribute it. In a world that needs new music and sounds, we understand how to search, perfect and contract agreements for the purposes of financing and investments, and how to work on budgets and use marketing more in line always with an eye and above all an ear of respect for the artistic side. In this way, each role and professional position is taken care of and studied for each individual, always taking into consideration the supply chain, techniques, trends, updates inherent in new technologies and communication through old and new media. Development, intuition, constancy, method and planning are dealt with with particular diligence: knowledge about the industry is put under a precise, concrete and coherent focus. The master course takes place by simulating the management of a record company, having dealing with the different professional figures involved, creating a project.

  • Manage a musical artist in all its activities Artist Manager
  • Make managerial decisions on the development and enhancement of a record label
  • Decide the performance of a record label with choices of musical genre
  • Manage the artists and the editorial heritage of a record label
  • Conceive and produce any activity related to musical entertainment and not Event Organizer
  • Supervise and manage artists and their live project and booking agency promoter events



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Master Program Music Business – Professional Opportunities

  • Artist Manager
  • Record Label Manager
  • Label producer
  • Music Publisher
  • Event Organizer
  • Booking Agency promoter


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Master Program Specialized – The program

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