Music Business

The r12 master program in Music Business in partnership with Billboard Italia aims to train skilled and competent figures capable of dealing with all aspects of the music business world in a competent and effective manner. Through the experience of professional teachers, the professions of music related to the product are explained and put into practice: creation, promotion, sales.

Over the past twenty years, file sharing technology and digital streaming services have transformed the music business from top to bottom, and the changes continue to come at a dizzying speed. How do record labels fit into the demand for immediately accessible and low-cost music while dealing with piracy? And what does it mean today for aspiring and established artists? Executives and artists, experts and beginners alike, will benefit from the Master Program in Music Business program that addresses traditional and innovative, legal and practical methods and technologies that shape the music business.

Music business prepares to address not only the issues but the most important topics for doing business today: royalty for music transmitted via digital downloads, streaming services, cloud locker and apps, updated licensing regulations and types of contracts and agreements, the most recent operations of recording and publishing music, new challenges for execution and promotion, knowing problems and solutions of songwriting and publishing, maximizing profits from contracts that also include the development of agreements of different nature related to concerts and merchandising.

Master Program

Available only in the r12 Milan office

Certificate Courses

Available in all r12 locations


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