r12 Academy

r12 is the Italian training and updating academy for the sector. A school open all day: morning, afternoon and evening. The ideal place where students can challenge themselves, grow, learn, entertain and evolve from simple onlookers to true explorers of a constantly evolving world. This opportunity allows everyone to choose between full-time daytime courses, part-time evening courses and level courses, but also to access freely, at any time, under the guidance of a tutor, to the test classrooms for the exercises.

  A close relationship between students and teachers working in the music sector allows to create a unique community, cohesive and coherent with the market, and to offer children many job opportunities. Collaborating and exchanging information allows you to grow and develop together.

  Our partners are the major manufacturers of hardware and software, the international market leader and we are Ableton, Native Instruments and Denon DJ certified center.

r12 Academy is in Milan in Via Vitruvio 43.

r12 Points in Italy r12 teachers


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