r12 Community

Italy has a strong cultural and artistic gap compared to other European countries. The reasons are multiple and can be summarized: a different eco-system, cultural and musical from which surely the formation does not emerge, anchored to educational archetypes not in line with the needs of the market.

  The growth of this market took place in conjunction with the development of digital technology that allowed, on the supply side, to producers and DJs to produce, play and promote their music with a small investment in technology, and on the demand side. , to greatly expand and accelerate the use of music by the existing and potential audience.

  Italy, in this context of big market and global competition, has been seen up to now as a peripheral country and with a market that is still immature, marginal, although growing. A market, the tricolor one, full of low level DJs and producers lacking technical, musical, artistic skills caused by a lack of properly trained professional figures.


The Community Mission

The global market is on the rise and in front of the large, infinite international market it cannot stay behind and stand by. The challenge is to enhance and optimize the number, quality and artistic visibility of the protagonists and events within the national and international scene in terms of the offer. Act as a domestic Global Player able to compete in a few years with the international market and its protagonists.

Community events r12

The students, at r12, enjoy exclusively a series of meetings that bring together the new generation with undisputed clubbing, DJ, discography and entertainment professionals linked to electronic music. Beat & Green - to paraphrase the famous meet and greet, the close encounters that have been held for years between fans and artists - brings pro to face with the I wanna be. In the chair, instead of the teachers, the major Italian and non-Italian players rise, confronting each other explaining points of view, visions, strategies, thoughts, ideas of a sector in full expansion. The protagonists of the music business respond to the questions of the students present chased by Riccardo Sada, professor of r12, author and journalist for numerous sector newspapers. From Alberto Fumagalli founder of Nameless to the guru of booking Alberto Gobbi, from Blasterz who ignited Tomorrowland with his DJ set to Fabrice Quagliotti leader of the Rockets band; and not only, Federico Cirillo of Universal Music, Franco Moiraghi, Gigi Barocco, DJs like Kenny Carpenter, Kerri Chandler and Laurent Garnier but also Molella, and Stefano Fontana. The list of Beat & Green guests is getting longer and longer, giving students the opportunity to grow and relate to the top figures in the industry.


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